Google I/O 2018 AI and ML Announcements

Google IO
Google I/O 2018 kicked off today with a key theme of AI for everyone. At this year’s I/O, Google demonstrated that AI can not just help make products more useful, they also reinvent cool new user experiences such as Smart Compose in Gmail. Here is a brief summary of highlighted announcements made so far that may interest analytics and data science pros. We will update this last as the event continues.

What’s New for AI and ML

Smart Compose
Gmail Smart Compose
  • Smart Compose in Gmail: Smart Compose in Gmail helps you write emails faster and with more confidence – like having your own personal ghostwriter. Powered by Google AI, it is an as-you-type writing companion that helps you complete sentences and brings contextual information to your fingertips at the moment you need it.
  • TPU v.3: Google’s 3rd-generation TPUs (Tensor Processing Units) are liquid-cooled and much more powerful than the previous generation, allowing us to train and run models faster, so many more products can be enhanced by AI.
  • Google Photos: Google is starting to roll out a range of suggested actions (such as the option to brighten, share, rotate or archive) for certain photos right as you’re viewing them. You might see a new creation that brings the subject of your photo to life by highlighting the subject of your photo with a pop of color, while making the background of the photo black and white. They are also introducing a Google Photos Partner Program. Now, developers can use some of the underlying technology in Google Photos to create great photo and video experiences for people across more products and services. They’ve been working with a few companies to preview the program, and today we will expand that work to more developers with the aim of making these new experiences accessible to all of you in the coming months.

New ML Kit


Google has expressed commitment to build AI for everyone and support the worldwide community of researchers and developers with open source material, AI courses, and tools. Google’s new ML kit enables developers to integrate Google’s mobile-optimized machine learning directly into their apps, even if they have little to no expertise in machine learning. The ML Kit makes the breadth of Google’s Machine Learning technology available in one mobile SDK, accessible through Firebase. Works on both Android and iOS.

Official Google AI Blogs

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