R 3.5.0 is Released


Original Notice Article by Peter Dalgaard at https://stat.ethz.ch/pipermail/r-announce/2018/000628.html 

Upgrading R on Windows and Mac

If you are using Windows you can easily upgrade to the latest version of R using the installr package. Simply run the following code in Rgui:

install.packages("installr") # install 
setInternet2(TRUE) # only for R versions older than 3.3.0
installr::updateR() # updating R.
# If you wish it to go faster, run: installr::updateR(T)

Running “updateR()” will detect if there is a new R version available, and if so it will download+install it (etc.). There is also a step by step tutorial (with screenshots) on how to upgrade R on Windows, using the installr package. If you only see the option to upgrade to an older version of R, then change your mirror or try again in a few hours (it usually take around 24 hours for all CRAN mirrors to get the latest version of R).

If you are using Mac you can easily upgrade to the latest version of R using Andrea Cirillo’s updateR package. The package is not on CRAN, so you’ll need to run the following code in Rgui:

updateR(admin_password = "PASSWORD") # Where "PASSWORD" stands for your system password


To view all the additions, enhancements, and changes, please refer to the official announcement page at at https://stat.ethz.ch/pipermail/r-announce/2018/000628.html.