New TIBCO Spotfire Mobile Apps


New TIBCO Spotfire Mobile dashboards/apps capabilities just released.

Spotfire Analytics for Android Version 1.0

Features in Spotfire Analytics for Android

  • Interactive analysis of data using your Android phone or tablet
  • A native Android experience for managing your analyses and server connections.
  • The ability to share findings through email, SMS/MMS or social media.
  • The ability to use your position in your analyses using the device GPS
  • The ability to use data read from QR/Barcodes in your analyses by using the device camera
  • Supports user name/password authentication

Spotfire Analytics for iOS Version 2.9

Notification when new data is available and ability to Refresh the Analysis with the new data

If new data is available for the Analysis you are currently using, you will now see a message alerting you about this.

  • You can tap the message to refresh the data right away, or keep on working and refresh later
  • Works for data refreshed through scheduled updates

iCloud synch – synchronizes App content such as Favorites between any number of iOS devices

Spotfire Analytics for iOS now lets you synch the App content such as favorites between any number of iOS devices, like:

  • If you have an iPad and iPhone, the Favorites view is kept in synch
  • If you add a connection to a new Server on your phone this connection automatically shows up also on your iPad

A new Examples view

The new Examples view now makes it easy to access example applications that are designed for mobile use that may serve as inspiration when designing mobile applications with Spotfire.

Gallery view changed to Favorites

The Gallery view has now been renamed to Favourites. Users can add their most used Analyses to the Favourites view for quick access.

Spotfire Analytics for iOS Version 2.8

Swiping between pages now respects the history arrows page navigation mode

The gesture to swipe right or left to navigate pages now respects the page navigation history in case the analysis is set to use the history arrows page navigation mode.

General improvements to swiping between pages

The gesture to swipe right or left to navigate pages is now faster.

The app toolbars follows the visual theme of the analysis

Now the Spotfire App toolbar follows the visual theme of the analysis, so that if you use the dark theme for your analysis, the toolbar color will be matching this.

Spotfire Analytics for iOS Version 2.7

Support for iPhone

Now, the Spotfire Analytics App supports iPhone as well as iPad.

Handoff to Mac for analysis sessions

If you are viewing a dashboard on your iPhone/iPad and approach a Mac where you are using the same Apple ID as on your iPhone/iPad, a handoff icon appears and lets you start analysing the same analysis

Spotlight Search

You can now use the iOS system feature Spotlight Search to find Spotfire analyses that you recently opened or which you put in your personal Gallery.

3D Touch on the Home screen support for quick access to recent Analyses

Just “hard press” on the Spotfire Analytics icon and a menu shows up that lets you choose from recently used Analyses.

Honoring custom Text Size setting

The Spotfire App now honors the Accessability text size setting so that users that prefer Larger Text on their device will benefit from this also in the Spotfire App.

Authentication Support for custom login pages

The Spotfire App now supports Authentication with custom login pages.

Support for Apple iOS 10

Support for iOS 10 was introduced in a minor update of V2.7 of the App.