IBM Data Catalog is Now Generally Available

IBM Data Catalog

Source: IBM – IBM Data Catalog is Now Generally Available. When you sign up for Data Catalog, you have a choice of two plans: Lite or Professional. Here are the key highlights:


The Lite Plan is the free starter plan. You can create one catalog for all your assets, run automatic data discovery on up to five connections, collaborate with other users, add your assets to projects, and work with other Watson Data Platform apps, such as Data Science Experience and Data Refinery. However, profiling, data governance, and business glossary capabilities are not available in the Lite plan.


With the Professional plan, you have full access to all Data Catalog capabilities. You can create an unlimited number of catalogs and run as many discovery connections as you need. In addition, you can profile and classify your data, and control who can access your data with automatic governance enforcement. You can manage business terms in a business glossary to facilitate the use of a common vocabulary and relate terms to your catalog assets.

This is only the beginning: we’re adding new features and capabilities weekly!

If you’re a Beta customer, you have until January 31, 2018 to switch to one of the new plans.

The table below lists the differences between the two plans. To keep the same capabilities available in the Beta, choose the Professional plan.

Lite Professional
Cost Free usage $5,000 per month for first 500 users
Number of catalogs Limited to 1 catalog Unlimited
Number of discovery connections Limited to 5 discovery connections Unlimited
Governance dashboard No Yes
Policy authoring and enforcement No Yes
Business glossary No Yes
Automatic classification and profiling No Yes