Alteryx Announces ‘Promote’


LONDON, Sept. 12, 2017 — Alteryx, Inc. (NYSE: AYX) today announced Alteryx Promote, a component of the Alteryx Analytics Platform that empowers both data scientists and citizen data scientists to deploy predictive models directly into business systems via an API and then manage model performance over time. Alteryx Promote is the result of the company’s acquisition of Yhat, an end-to-end data science platform for developing, deploying, and managing real-time decision APIs.

“Alteryx Promote puts the power back in the hands of data scientists for model deployment,” said Dean Stoecker, CEO of Alteryx. “By making it easier and faster to get advanced analytics models deployed, we are bringing joy back to data scientists who love to solve complex business problems but have struggled with that ‘last mile’ of getting models in production.”

Alteryx Promote extends the advanced analytics capabilities of the Alteryx platform and:

  • Empowers data science teams with an end-to-end system to deploy and update predictive models without requiring IT support;
  • Embeds predictive and machine learning models into production apps capable of using REST API requests faster and without recoding; and
  • Administers the models with flexible and scalable options, on-premises behind a firewall, or in a cloud environment.

Predictive analytics and machine learning has the potential to revolutionize how businesses approach data strategy. By integrating decision making models into customer facing applications, data science can directly drive operational revenue with personalized customer recommendations. However, the code-heavy and complex APIs and long deployment times are holding companies back.

“Predictive model deployment continues to be a major challenge for many companies,” reported Karl Rexer, president of Rexer Analytics. “In our 2017 Data Science Survey*, only 13% of data scientists say their models always get deployed. And deployment is not improving: with each survey, going back to 2009 when we first asked this question, we see almost identical results.”

By developing the model in the Alteryx code-friendly environment and deploying to a secure cloud, the average company is expected to reduce this deployment time to minutes. The resulting API is produced as a single line of code that the IT team can quickly and easily incorporate into HTML websites.

“Alteryx is the true definition of a game changer. It’s not a cliché, it’s the real deal,” said Mark Thompson, director of data services at The General. “Our use of Alteryx has rapidly spread across the company as our department heads continue to apply the technology to new use cases and expose opportunities to save significant time and costs, while improving operational efficiencies. As an Alteryx platform customer, we’re excited about Promote and its ability to help data scientists develop and manage applications to help solve critical business problems.”

“With the Alteryx platform, we have been helping organizations learn how to do predictive analytics without coding; the next level of maturity is operationalizing those models for consumption,” said Ashley Kramer, vice president of product management at Alteryx. “This convergence of machine learning, business intelligence and data science is essential for modern organizations to realize the full potential of their data assets.”

Alteryx Promote is expected to be generally available in early 2018 and will be an add-on to Alteryx Server. More information can be found at

*Rexer Analytics 2017 Data Science Survey will be published in late October. For more information please go to

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