New Automated Feature Engineering for Machine Learning

h2oai provides an open source machine learning platform that makes it easy to build smart applications. Using their platform data scientists and developers can import powerful algorithms into their applications. The technology is already being used to predict fraud, customer churn, etc. at over 5,000 organizations and our customers include the likes of Cisco, PayPal and Progressive.

This week released a beta of an automated machine learning offering with automated feature engineering. For more information on this release, check out Driverless AI. The company has not yet shared a press release on it.

Anyone that has data science expertise knows that data prep and feature engineering are the most time consuming aspects of a machine learning project once you have collected the data. Automation in artificial intelligence is a hot trend but it likely won’t replace your data scientist yet. There is still an art to understanding the results and how algorithms work to feed in accurate data that truly represents the business process being modeled.

Other cool automated AI vendors include IBM, Salesforce Einstein, Data Robot and Tellmeplus. SAP bought automated machine learning vendor KXEN years ago.