Attunity Introduces Compose for Hive


BURLINGTON, Massachusetts, June 13, 2017 — Attunity Ltd. (NASDAQ CM: ATTU), a leading provider of data integration and Big Data management software solutions, introduced Attunity Compose for Hive, which automates the process of creating and continuously loading operational and historical data stores for use with Apache Hive. Integrated with Attunity Replicate to support large-scale and real-time data ingestion, Attunity Compose for Hive eliminates the hard work of manual and time-consuming ETL development, enabling faster and easier creation of analytics-ready data lakes. The new offering expands Attunity’s solution set for data lakes, empowering enterprises to realize the value of Big Data and Hadoop more quickly and cost effectively, and will be demonstrated live this week in Attunity booth 706 at DataWorks Summit 2017 in San Jose, CA from June 13-15.

Recently, the creation of Hadoop- and cloud-based data lakes has risen in popularity due to the key role they play in helping enterprises gain more value from their data. However, the path to enabling business users to leverage the data in the lake can be challenging.

Using Attunity Compose for Hive, enterprises can accelerate ROI for data analytics on Hadoop by rapidly enabling Hive SQL-based systems of record on the platform. This capability enables enterprises to address a variety of analytics use cases, including real-time dashboards and reporting against the Operational Data Store (ODS) that is continuously updated from source systems. The solution also supports advanced and predictive analytics that are more accurately modeled using Historical Data Stores (HDS).

Global organizations implementing data lake initiatives can use Attunity Compose for Hive to:

  • Accelerate ROI for data analytics on Hadoop Hive by automating the data pipeline to create and continuously update both operational and historical systems of record
  • Ensure data consistency between source transactional systems and Hadoop Hive
  • Leverage the latest advanced SQL capabilities in Hive, including new ACID Merge (available with Apache Hive 2.2 – part of Hortonworks 2.6)

“We look forward to learning about the capabilities of Attunity Compose for Hive,” said Arvind Rajagopalan, Director, Global Technology Services (GTS) at Verizon. “We are ingesting data in real-time with Attunity Replicate now. The new Compose offering has the potential to accelerate creation of operational and historical data stores on our Hortonworks Hadoop platform, which would provide our financial analysis and modeling teams with faster and deeper visibility into business line performance.”

“We help large corporations around the world implement strategic data lake initiatives by making data available in real-time for analytics and enabling them to overcome the inherent challenges associated with building modern data systems,” explained Itamar Ankorion, Chief MarketingOfficer at Attunity. “Attunity Compose for Hive is a new offering that directly addresses these challenges to automate the implementation of Hadoop Hive. It works by eliminating complex and lengthy manual development work for faster and more efficient implementation of analytics-ready data sets.”