TIBCO Spotfire Smart Data Catalog

TIBCO Spotfire Data Catalog

With new Spotfire Smart Data Catalog, you can search and find related data sources to accelerate analysis. Spotfire Smart Data Catalog automatically discovers data relationships, sentiments and recommendations through built-in artificial intelligence.

“Spotfire Data Catalog makes navigating your corporate data as easy as searching the web for content,” said Brad Hopper, vice president, product strategy, TIBCO. “With innovative machine learning under the hood and the ability to drag and drop your way to a custom Spotfire data mart, our data catalog product helps customers break down data silos and increase the value of their data assets. Our customers will now be able to gain insight from data they may not previously have even known existed.”

Spotfire Data Catalog continuously indexes databases and data lakes, applying text-mining algorithms to discover relationships among tables and documents, as well as concepts and sentiment. These elements can be discovered in business user searches, or may be presented as recommendations. The user can then pick and choose what to add to what becomes a virtual data mart, and share a connection to this virtual data mart for analysis with Spotfire.

“We use Spotfire extensively to help our pharmaceutical customers analyze and gain insight from diverse research and clinical data,” said Jens Hoefkens, platform segment leader, Perkin Elmer. “With the technology behind the new catalog product, our customers can go beyond analysis, to automatically search, correlate and recommend related data. Pharmaceutical R&D processes are awash in structured and unstructured content such as compound properties, biomarker profiles, patient lab data, safety assessments, electronic health records, and more. Spotfire Data Catalog, as a central part of the PerkinElmer Signals™ platform, gives us a universal adapter to organize and manage this data.”

To learn more about TIBCO Spotfire Data Catalog and to sign up for a free trial, visit spotfire.tibco.com/products/data-discovery-and-visualization.