SAN MATEO, Calif., Dec. 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The results of the 2016 Big Data Maturity Survey.  Based on 2,550+ responses from big data professionals at 1,400 companies across 77 countries, the report reveals new and unexpected insights about Cloud, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Hadoop and Spark.

Big Data’s future is Cloudy
Amongst many other insights, the survey reveals a surge in Cloud deployments for Big Data.  More than half of respondents deploy Big Data in the Cloud today and 72% plan on doing so in the future.

Business Intelligence soaring on Big Data
Another key trend observed in this report is the continued momentum of Business Intelligence for Big Data. Last year’s survey indicated that Business Intelligence had overtaken ETL and Data Science as the predominant workload planned for Big Data. This trend continues moving forward: Business Intelligence is the #1 workload for Big Data today and 75% of respondents are planning on using BI on Big Data. In addition, 97% of respondents indicated that they would do as much or more with Big Data over the next 3 months…. 2017 might very well be the year of Business Intelligence on Big Data!


Mature and Experienced Respondents

  • Close to 70% have been using Big Data for more than a year (vs. 59% last year)
  • 74% of respondents have more than 10 nodes, close to 20% have more than 100 nodes
  • 95% of respondents have achieved positive value or are anticipating they will

Big Data Adoption Soaring

  • 97% will do as much or more with Big Data over the next 3 months
  • More than 53% of respondents are using Cloud for their Big Data deployment today; 14% of respondents have ALL their Big Data in the Cloud
  • 72% of respondents plan on deploying Big Data in the Cloud
  • Two-thirds (66%) view Big Data as “Strategic” or “Game Changing”, while only 19% of respondents consider it “Experimental”

#1 Opportunity: BI on Big Data

  • Business Intelligence is #1 workload for Big Data with 75% of respondents planning on using BI on Big Data.
  • Self-service access on Big Data grew by 15% year over year, however, most companies (53%) still suffer from a lack of self-service access to Big Data.
  • Accessibility, security and governance have become the fastest growing areas of concerns year-over-year, with worries related to governance growing the most at 21%.
  • The majority of organizations use Spark for educational purposes, while 73% of respondents are now in production with Hadoop (vs. 65% last year).
  • Organizations who have deployed Spark in production are 85% more likely to achieve value.

The survey was conducted in collaboration with AtScale, Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, Cognizant, Trifacta and Tableau.